Diabetes – 7 Critical Symptoms of Diabetes that should Alert You to the Presence of the Disease

Diabetes is a condition where the body is unableKnowledge is power to convert sugar into the energy needed by the body. This results in the sugar remaining in the blood from where it is passed into the urine and leaves the body instead of going into the muscles where it is to be utilized as energy. This means that he body loses its major fuel source as the glucose/ sugar is excretion as waste, whether the body has it in large amounts or not.

It’s been estimated that about 7.8 percent of the population of the United States or about 23.6 million people are living with diabetes. 5.7 million of them haven’t been diagnosed but the remaining 17.9 million of them have. Meanwhile, on a yearly basis, another 1.6 million people whose age range from 20 years and above are also diagnosed with diabetes. Despite all this, it is quit unfortunate that a lot of people still have no idea they have diabetes until they visit their doctors for an annual or physical checkup and it is discovered after a urine analysis or a blood sugar level test that they have the disease. Concerned family members, in many cases, see some changes in the diabetic that he/she may totally ignore. It is essential to properly monitor your body and watch out for any of these symptoms: Continue reading “Diabetes – 7 Critical Symptoms of Diabetes that should Alert You to the Presence of the Disease”


A brief introduction to diabetes and its symptoms

What is diabetes?

The more commonly known form of Diabetes issigns of diabetes Diabetes Mellitus. The name derives from the Greek term ‘Diabenein’ meaning “to pass through” and ‘Mellitus meaning “sweetened with honey”. The basic symptoms are explained by the name – passing out excessive urine that has sugar content present.

Someone with diabetes has increased glucose level in the body that is usually excreted in the urine, because he suffers from an inability to produce or respond to insulin. As a result, more water gets flushed out of the body with the patient always feeling thirsty. Continue reading “A brief introduction to diabetes and its symptoms”

Why Drinking Tea is good for people with diabetes

Tea + Type 2 = Better Health

Drinking teas surprisingly will make a better for control over blood sugar. Studies have shown that by drinking one cup of the tea after meals will help absorb more sugar keep your blood sugar spikes under manageable. Tea contains a component called polyphenolics.  Polyphenols is a found in planet which believe to be beneficial to human health. The blend is found in all tea ranging from white to black teas, with black teas containing the strongest amount. Sheep your tea for about 5min and drink up!

Maintain Your Sugar Levels Naturally

To lower your blood sugar you don’t have maintainhealthy habits post it extreme levels of the diet and exercise. The resolution to your problems with diabetes can be solved with simple, easy to follow lifestyle changes. Rather than staying on a diet,  making a lifestyle change is the only way to really maintain your sugar levels naturally.  Your new life will still have some of your favorite foods, just altered some what. Continue reading “Maintain Your Sugar Levels Naturally”

Low Fat Fudge Brownies : Diabetic Friendly dessert under 200 calories

That’s right here is dessert that are diabetic friendly and the added plus is under 200 calories. Amazing right?

Low Fat Fudge Brownies (32 servings)

What you’ll need:

3 lg egg whites

2 lg eggs (lightly beaten)

1 cup of granulated sugar Continue reading “Low Fat Fudge Brownies : Diabetic Friendly dessert under 200 calories”