Basic Checklist for a Diabetic

Do you have diabetes? If yes, then you have a greater responsibility to watch over your health.  Indeed, your family, friends, and physician can give you the assistance and support you need but you have the primarily responsibility to keep your condition in check.

One of the most important concerns of a diabetic patient is monitoring blood sugar level.  Aside from diabetes medications, there are other tools that you need such as insulin injection, glucose meter, etc. Listed below is a checklist of must-have tools for diabetics.

Insulin Shots

People with Type 1 Diabetes are required to inject insulin to keeping their blood sugar at a safe level.  In some cases, a person with Type 2 Diabetes may also need to take insulin through injections.

There are different types of insulin products in the market but it’s important to take in only the insulin product prescribed by your physician. Using the right type of needle, strips, alcohol swabs and other necessary paraphernalia when injecting insulin is just as important so remember to always go for safety when purchasing these things.

Diabetic testing meter

Blood sugar monitoring may be done twice a week or on a daily basis, depending on the advice of your physician.  If you have diabetes, make sure that you have a Diabetic Testing Meter especially when you’re on the road or on travel.

Jet injectors

Instead of injecting insulin with a needle, jet injectors are sprayed directly on the Diabetic’s skin.  It is a painless and more convenient way to administer insulin. Jet injectors are often recommended for  patients who must take in insulin on a daily basis.

Glucose tablets

A diabetic must constantly keep his/her blood sugar in check.  Too high or too low blood sugar level can endanger a diabetic’s life.  Sometimes, a diabetic may experience a sudden rise or sudden drop of blood sugar at any time. When this happens, glucose tablet can be taken orally to keep blood sugar in control.

If you often travel, see to it that you have your own Diabetic Safety Kit which contains all your prescribed diabetes medications and tools.  If you plan to trip by plane, bring a separate safety kit packed along in your carry-on bag.

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