Diabetes:Prevent Foot Problems

Being a diabetic I’m sure you know that your feet are one the common areas for blood lost circulation. Due to high blood sugar both nerve damage and lack of circulation are one of the leading causes for foot issue that may lead to amputation. Nerve damage can make it harder you to feel what problems may occur. Some of the more frequent visits to hospitals for diabetes are due to a foot-related issue. With a possibly of preventing this here are a few easy tips to look for. Continue reading “Diabetes:Prevent Foot Problems”

Check Your Feet for Any Sign of Diabetes Complications

A person with diabetes is at a greater risk of incurring serious health complications in their external organs and limbs. Diabetes can also cause damages to the nerves that are connected to our legs and feet. For this reason, people with diabetes are strongly advised to take care of their feet.

Amputation of the lower limbs is one of the most dreaded complications caused by diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, there were about 82,000 non-traumatic lower-limb amputations done in diabetics in 2002. In a related survey, it has been found that of all non-traumatic lower-limb amputations performed, 60% are done in people with diabetes. However, the ADA also assures that the risk of amputations can be reduced by 45% to 85% through comprehensive foot care programs. Continue reading “Check Your Feet for Any Sign of Diabetes Complications”