Symptoms Of Diabetes In Adults


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Diabetes Mellitus is the condition where the body is unable to produce insulin or when a person becomes resistant to insulin. This chronic illness is characterized by high levels of sugar or glucose in the bloodstream and can bring serious complications such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney failure, blindness, and others.

The American Diabetes Association reports that diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.  2005 statistics show that more than 21 million Americans have diabetes while 54 million have a pre-diabetic condition.   Continue reading “Symptoms Of Diabetes In Adults”

Simple Tips On Preventing Diabetes


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Diabetes is a chronic disease that threatens millions of people worldwide. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Diseases reports that more than 2 million Canadians have diabetes and 60,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. The report also shows that unhealthy eating and physical inactivity play a big role in acquiring the disease. In fact, only 10% of these diabetes cases fall in the Type 1 category and 90% are diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetes.

In a related study, the American Diabetes Association reports that in the United States, nearly 21 million people have diabetes and it is estimated that about 40 million Americans have pre-diabetes. Aside from this, it is known to be the sixth leading cause of death in the US.   Continue reading “Simple Tips On Preventing Diabetes”

Dangerous Myths about Diabetes that Can Mislead You


This article presents the myths about diabetes that are common in our society today.  Some of these beliefs started as mere hearsays which could bring unnecessary fear or carelessness in people.  Knowing the facts can encourage you to take the right steps to prevent diabetes.  Meanwhile, for people living with diabetes, knowing the truth about this disease can help you manage your condition more effectively. Continue reading “Dangerous Myths about Diabetes that Can Mislead You”