Quick Tips to Lower Your Blood Sugar

Here are a few quick tips that can lower your blood pressure by the end of the day

Time limit: Create a time limit when going to your local grocery store. Doing this will only allow you to buy the things that you absolutely need. Try using your shopping bags, it will also limit the amount of food you’ll buy.

Substitute Salt for Cinnamon: Instead adding more salt on to your meal try using cinnamon. You can put cinnamon over anything to reduce your use of salt.

Eat bell peppers: Eating peppers will increase your fiber and an added serving of vegetables. Eating one bell peppers is more than the recommended amount of vitamin needed.

Every Diabetic should ask themselves these questions

For many diabetic some of the risk that occur are higher than others. These are a few question that all diabetics should ask themselves if they want to prevent heart disease, sleep apnea, or develop kidney problems. Find out what you can do to improve your health in the areas that may be lacking. Continue reading “Every Diabetic should ask themselves these questions”