Grocery Shopping for the Diabetic

Attempting to make a successful grocery store purchase is want to fulfill the needs of a diabetic. Their are numerous temptations throughout the storeĀ  that may cause a problem to the goal we are trying to achieve. Fatty foods, sweets and tasty treats are hard to resist along with the free samples, overcome your temptations with some of these tips. Continue reading “Grocery Shopping for the Diabetic”

Lower Your Blood Sugar Right Now!

Start reversing your diabetes right now by lowering your blood sugar with these 5 tips.

Music: Listening to more music will help relieve stress and keep your from distractions.

Do not snack all day: Most of the us have the trouble with snacking throughout the day because we are bored, trying getting off the couch and taking a walk or calling a friend.

Raw Veggies for Dinner: Eating raw vegetable for your dinner will help you consume less food making you fill more full.

Go to bed early: Getting a full 8 hours of the sleep makes a big difference in blood sugar and weight.

After Meals: After lunch or dinner take a brisk walk to lose weight and improve insulin. Make the time after meals to walk at least 10 minute or more.

Best Diabetic-Friendly Snacks

When looking through the aisles of the grocery store, several people have trouble finding snacks that meets nutritional guidelines for diabetics. Selecting a snack product that fits not only the diabetics needs but the fulfill the nutritional food categories is also important. Here are a few Snacks that are sensible choices to the diabetic consumer. Continue reading “Best Diabetic-Friendly Snacks”

Control Blood Sugar with Diet

Choosing the right types of food is crucial in preventing blood sugar highs. Ideally your new diet will still include the food that your like with a few alternatives. With new found alternative also come limit to previous food you may have consumed in the past. Our goal is to reverse and prevent diabetes. Continue reading “Control Blood Sugar with Diet”

Getting Your Blood Sugar Under Control

By getting your blood sugar under control you can improve your health. The population of diabetics and prediabetics is growing at an alarming rate. The following supplements are some of the best and are worth a try. Most of these vitamins can be found at your local health-food store or supermarkets. Whether your dealing with weight loss issues, lowering your blood sugar, borderline diabetic or have diabetes their is a daily supplement for you.

Continue reading “Getting Your Blood Sugar Under Control”