What You Should Know About Hypoglycemia

Intensive Insulin Therapy has long been a treatment used to control Type 1 Diabetes. However, a recent report published by the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) reveals that this type of treatment is not without risk. Why the concern? If you are a diabetic taking insulin shots, what important information should you know about hypoglycemia?

What is Hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia is a medical condition where a person experiences an excessively low blood glucose level. We all know that diabetics constantly struggle with high blood glucose level or hyperglycemia. Thus, to keep their diabetes in control, they need to make sure that their blood sugar is just at a normal range.   Continue reading “What You Should Know About Hypoglycemia”

Signs and Symptoms Of Hypoglycemia

According to surveys conducted by the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Mellitus is considered to be one of the ten deadliest diseases in the world. It ranks 5th as the leading cause of death in the US and the 7th leading cause of death in Canada.

The 2005 national statistics report that over 21 million Americans have diabetes and 54 million have a pre-diabetes condition. People with a pre-diabetes condition can develop Type 2 diabetes at any point in their lifetime.   Continue reading “Signs and Symptoms Of Hypoglycemia”

Dangerous Myths about Diabetes that Can Mislead You


This article presents the myths about diabetes that are common in our society today.  Some of these beliefs started as mere hearsays which could bring unnecessary fear or carelessness in people.  Knowing the facts can encourage you to take the right steps to prevent diabetes.  Meanwhile, for people living with diabetes, knowing the truth about this disease can help you manage your condition more effectively. Continue reading “Dangerous Myths about Diabetes that Can Mislead You”