Control Blood Sugar with Diet

Choosing the right types of food is crucial in preventing blood sugar highs. Ideally your new diet will still include the food that your like with a few alternatives. With new found alternative also come limit to previous food you may have consumed in the past. Our goal is to reverse and prevent diabetes.

Protein: Food that are high in protein tend to keep you feeling fuller longer. When buying food at your local grocery store skip to the section with leaner cuts of the meat. Eating on full meal every day that is pack with protein will slow down your blood sugar that might be on the rise. Other food that contain high protein is seafood, lentils, soybeans and peas with high level of fiber they can control insulin and blood sugar levels.

Monounsaturated Fats: Cutting out some of the bad fats is difficult, but for the long term success you will reach it is worth it. Good fats like olive oil, nuts and fish are exactly what your need to help reduce insulin levels. Switching from steak and rib to chicken and turkey and eating frozen yogurt rather than ice cream will cut the amount of fat consume drastically. Make the changes slowly so your body can adjust to your new found diet.

Fruits Vegetables: Eating the recommend amount of  fruits and vegetables in your daily diet is crucial. Fruits and Vegetables tend to be high in fiber and have a slower digestive rate than other food. Your stomach feel full when eating vegetables and fruits, packing snack like carrots and apples will make it more likely to consume less.

Carbohydrates: With most carbs being a high-glycemic food: white bread, potatoes chip and french fries aren’t ideal. Eating lower glycemic foods will slow down your digestive process making it easier to keep sugar level under control. Switching from white to brown rice, eating high fiber cereals like cheerios and special k and substituting pasta for potatoes, will put you in good standings.

Portion Control: The size of your plate can make a huge difference is the amount of food you may consume. Our brain is wired to think we must finish most if not all the food on the plate, by decreasing the plate size your create a serving boundary. When at a restaurants try eating from the appetizer menu, usually the portion of appetizer are closer to the regular size you should consume. And when is comes to snacking that can be one of the biggest problem. Put all of your snacks into a small size bowl, eating straight out of the bag or box you are more likely to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

With the new diet you are still able to have rich food and keep your blood sugar under control.

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