Diabetes Apps for your Smart Phone

If you have a smart then it may become your best friend after reading this article. With the latest technology at the push of a button you, can now have an app that will help manage your diabetes.

This new form of the tracking diabetes is surprise you, for the app challenged individuals. Having access to a community of support group, daily check-ins, and staying of track is all built into an app. Impressive to say the least, it will help you track your blood sugar, remind you to take medication and encourage you to take better steps to a healthier life.

Whether it is the App store or Google play (android market), you can choose from over 900 different apps that can suit your need. Whether you just want to lose weight, track it or management your life with diabetes.

Here is the top 3 highly rated application for diabetes:

OnTrack Diabetes: This application consist of the managing and tracking blood glucose, food, medication, blood pressure, pulse, exercise and weight. This is an all-round good app to use. With over 500 thousand plus download, it practically takes up no space on your phone.

Dbees.com: The app is design to adapt to the person individual needs. The system will you select activities and test applicable to your form of diabetes. With each one of us being different our bodies may not respond the same. This app take a little more time to register than the typical 5mins but worth it. Many reviews give this app 5 stars, saying that it is easy to use.

The last application is;

Glucool: If you want really gain control over your diabetes, it is recommend to get this app. Well that is what the reviews say about it, it is highly rated by several, one the this app has in comparison to the others is the option of a journal and sending your data to your doctor. Can you believe that now your doctor can monitored your health without having to go in every so often.


All three app are worth a try, you decide what work for you. By the way did I mention that they are all free, so that is all the more reason to give one of them a shot.

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