Diabetes:Prevent Foot Problems

Being a diabetic I’m sure you know that your feet are one the common areas for blood lost circulation. Due to high blood sugar both nerve damage and lack of circulation are one of the leading causes for foot issue that may lead to amputation. Nerve damage can make it harder you to feel what problems may occur. Some of the more frequent visits to hospitals for diabetes are due to a foot-related issue. With a possibly of preventing this here are a few easy tips to look for.


Make sure your examining your toes everyday, its quite easy once you get into a routine. Look for open sores, cuts, infection, lumps or any other irregularly.  Catching the signs early is better safe than sorry. Its important contact a doctor when your unsure of the problem that may occur.

Take care of your feet

It not about making your feet look pretty but maintenance does matter. Using moisturizing lotions and soap to prevent dryness and cracking. See a doctors or specialist for any ingrown hairs, corns or calluses filing them down yourself is never good idea for a people with diabetes. Getting pedicure may not be a good choice, many are know to be heavy handed causing a infection by shed through too much dead skin.

Shoe wear

The type of shoes are the ones that can let your foot breathe. Prevent your feet from blister and cuts with a show that protects your feet. Temperature extremes are hazardous to our feet, causing damage. Buying a shoe that is too tight isn’t good, its cause less circulation. Shoe styles is important to us but comfort should be the priority.

Prevent foot problems now rather than later. Consults with your doctor whenever you encounter an issue.

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