Diabetic: Super Food to boost your Immuse System

These super foods are filled with nutrients and will help improve your immune system. Your immune system needs the necessary food and supplements to the help defend your body against infection. Eating a well balanced meal with a variety of food is essential in having a healthier and stronger body. A weak immune system can not fight off colds, viruses or germ.

Pink grapefruit- Cut your risk of colds by eating half a grapefruit everyday or if your already battling a cold recover faster with the high level of antioxidants.

Candied ginger- Eating 2 to 3 slices daily with improve white blood cells with a tsp of fresh ginger.

Kiwifruit-Kiwi is rich in vitamin c and protein that fights off bacteria and viruses. Eat 2 piece of fruit daily

Red Wine-Drinking up to 4 to 8oz of red wine is not only good for the heart but also lowers the risk getting sick.

Blue Cheese- Blue Cheese helps stimulate the immune system to produce a white blood cells and cuts your risk of colds by 24 %. Eating about 2oz per day will stratify your

Broccoli- 2 cups of broccoli weekly will help your immune cells feel more energetic. Your immune will improve over time allowing your body to protect itself against

Turmeric- strengthen the body’s immune system the antioxidants in turmerics will stimulate the immune cells and defend the body, allowing your body to fight off clod and flu faster.

Sweet Potatoes- A 1/2 cup of sweet potatoes will improve the lining of your respiratory tract making you able your fight off viruses like the flu.

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