Every Diabetic should ask themselves these questions

For many diabetic some of the risk that occur are higher than others. These are a few question that all diabetics should ask themselves if they want to prevent heart disease, sleep apnea, or develop kidney problems. Find out what you can do to improve your health in the areas that may be lacking. What are you eating?

If you answered with high in fat meat, high carb and sugar then that is definitely not the best option. Research has suggested, eating Mediterranean or Italian food cuts a diabetics drug therapy in half. Food like fish, fruits, vegetables, grains and a glass of red will help improve your health rather than the average low-carb diet.

What kind of the dressing do you use?

Safflower oil will improve your body to burn more fat. With 1 2/3 teaspoons daily, a person with type 2 diabetics classified as obese can lose weight up to 4 lbs, increase muscle and lower their blood sugar by 11 or more points.  The oil can be use over vegetables or salad with the right portion amount.

Have trouble breathing when sleeping?

If you wake up feeling exhausted you may have sleep apnea. More than 87% of obese type diabetics suffer from sleep apnea, many without knowing it. Without receiving the right amount of the air going through your lungs puts you at a higher risk of the heart disease. Consult a physician if you have trouble sleeping.

Have you been tested from heart disease?

Although you may not show any symptoms of heart disease is still important to get a test done once a year. A yearly screening will help you detect if your showing early signs. Talk to a doctor about how you can prevent heart disease.

How are your arteries?

Having clogged arteries is a result of a deficiency in vitamin D. The symptoms of a clogged artery is chest pain, dizzy or weakness, and shorten of the breath. You can help improve your arteries by either spending 15 minutes out in the sun without sunblock or taking a vitamin D supplement.

Do you know how much calcium your body needs daily?

1000mg, taking a 500mg calcium supplement every day with food will manage your weight and blood sugar. Diabetics should be consuming high in fiber and calcium foods like broccoli, beans and whole grain cereal.

Have you prescribed Byetta?

Its a exenatide drug has know to have many side effect include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea.  The FDA says their is a risk of developing kidney problems that could eventually leading to kidney failure. It is crucial that you watch form any sign that are unusual like changes in appetite, digestive system, or swelling of hand and feet. Consult with your doctor if any of these or other symptoms occur.


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