Getting Your Blood Sugar Under Control

By getting your blood sugar under control you can improve your health. The population of diabetics and prediabetics is growing at an alarming rate. The following supplements are some of the best and are worth a try. Most of these vitamins can be found at your local health-food store or supermarkets. Whether your dealing with weight loss issues, lowering your blood sugar, borderline diabetic or have diabetes their is a daily supplement for you.

Your cravings: Dealing with your cravings can be struggle for many, taking 300mg to 450mg supplement of Gymnema Sylvestre can help satisfy your hunger. The result can be seen in less than two weeks.

Blood sugar on the rise:  Panax Ginseng, 200mg daily that can help lower blood sugar by 20%.  The Chinese herb is a two-month long process with a break of two weeks before starting again.

Prediabetic: For the borderline diabetic you can lower the risk by 50%, taking a 400mg of Magnesium daily. Take the pill after a big meal and the supplement will help the cell’s absorb glucose faster.

Type 2 Diabetes: Holy Basil is the fix you need to improving your blood sugar. By taking a 400 to 900mg of the holy basil your blood sugar can by 26% as little as one month.

Make sure to check with a Physician before trying a new supplement.

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