Grocery Shopping for the Diabetic

Attempting to make a successful grocery store purchase is want to fulfill the needs of a diabetic. Their are numerous temptations throughout the storeĀ  that may cause a problem to the goal we are trying to achieve. Fatty foods, sweets and tasty treats are hard to resist along with the free samples, overcome your temptations with some of these tips.

Make a Plan: Most of the us go to the store already hungry and end up buying something the will satisfy our cravings at that time, eat before you leave. Those cravings are using the first thing we see, candy and fatty foods. Be prepared when going to the store, without the feeling of starvation you’ll have a better time focusing. Creating a details list and only shopping from this list makes little room for error. Buy and eat the item that are going to healthy for you, its much harder to eat junk food if you don’t have it.

Shop Smarter: When it comes to food, usually the fresh and healthier food is located along the perimeter of the store; like yogurt, poultry and produce. Other items like whole grain cereal, beans, canned good are usually in the aisles closest to the perimeters (it may vary from store to store). Buying good carbohydrates high in fiber are needed for a person in type 2 diabetes to reduce inflammation. Food like oatmeal, seeds, nuts, whole wheat pasta and canned beans are supplied with protein without the high fat or calories. Carbs are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Snack Smart: Snacks are made to hold you over til your bigger meals like lunch and dinner, never make a snack the same size portion as a meal. Keep your snack food under 100 calories and less than 2 servings. 100 calorie snack pack are perfect example of something to eat. Yes their might be a chance that your are still hungry but remember this is not a meal, it will just cause you to over-eat. Other items like low cal string cheese, almonds, granola bars and even fudgesicles (88 calories) are also good choices.

Sugar Drinks: Avoid sugars like corn syrup, fruit juice concentrate and fructose. Make an alternative for yourself when it comes to drink choices by either choosing all natural teas and natural juices. Many of us are fooled by the some the “all natural” fruit juice, check the nutrient facts label some of it really means that its from concentrate. These are easy way to the avoid a rise in blood sugar.

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