Healthy Living + Weight loss for Diabetics

As our stress level raise so does your our blood sugar. A stress free living will make life a lot easier if you have diabetes. Maintaining your health with a positive outlook will lower your blood sugar, boost your immune system, and help you to lose the weight. To prevent yourself from packing the weight and keep your eyes on the objective by improving your attitude.

Have you made long term and short term goals for weight loss? By setting unreachable goal, you causing sabotage to yourself. When it comes down to trying to fulfill that goal overwhelming, your more likely to give up. The main focus is trying to make a healthier you. Create a goal for the week or month that is less than 20lbs. Although your all over goal can be 100 pounds but your want to the start out small. Don’t make it complicated, understand that reaching the success of monthly goals well make you less stress out about all the overall process.

Do you need help? Getting help can be a hard to thing to ask. Asking others to join you on your weight-loss journey can make a difference in reaching success. Get your family or significant other involve with in your plan.  Start out small with your exercise. Go from walking to 15mins a day and slowing increase until you get to running. Trying hiking or the other activities that your can do with loved ones. It will feel less of the workout when your having fun at the same time.

Are you getting enough rest? Sleep is the key if your haven’t read the article of the Reversing your Diabetes in your sleep then I suggest you look over it. Sleep may not be the overall cure but it will help drastically in how much weight you do or don’t lose. The stress of work, kids or school can keep you up and night. Resolve your issues and over your obstacle with losing weight and clearing your mind before bed. With less on your mind is easier time you’ll have falling asleep.

If you answer no to any of these, than its worth a shot to try. Making a goals, getting help and sleeping more is going to change how your level stress. Don’t dwell of the failures or believe in false hope, being a little more realistic isn’t too hard.

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