Great Diabetic Friendly Foods For Your Fridge

Here is a list of the some the every day great foods for your diabetic diet. They are inexpensive and taste great enjoy!

String or Shredded Cheese– Other that obvious fun of string cheese, they good for a snack food, of course you will still need to watch your portion size but still add good fats to your diet.

Eggs– Whether its scrambled, hard boil, sunny side or over easy they are a get way to start the day, high protein, vitamins and minerals.

Low-fat or fat free milk– Instead of the whole milk try low-fat or fat free they provide the with need vitamin d, calcium and protein.

Sugar free Fruit spreads– Fruit jams and spreads will help improve some of your bad food choice like dessert and upgrade them

Citrus fruit– Grapefruit, oranges and tangerines are all part of the citrus fruit group, a great source of the vitamin c.

Packaged salad mixes-Mixed salad are easy to grab and go for a quick lunch and contain the right amount of portions.

Whole wheat tortilla and flatbread– Tortilla and flatbread are the extra needed good carbs we all need. They can be used with just about anything.

Pre-shredded cabbage– Add more to your portions with cabbage without adding a lot of calories, they are rich in vitamin c, fiber and other nutrients.

In-season fruits, pears and apples– Fruits are always a good source of fiber and antioxidants.

High fiber bread– Bread that have at lease 4grams of the fiber per serving provide you with more b vitamins and protein.

Fat free greek yogurt or plain yogurt– Both yogurt are good for a the dipping sauce alternative, they are high in protein and low in fat.

Peanut butters-Peanut butter spreads are not all bad if used in a thin layer, they contain healthy fats and a good source of protein.


The Three Rules to a Healthy Heart

These rules involve your eating plan. They aren’t too healthy eatinghard to follow but definitely worth the effort. There is no quick fix, this is an overall change in how you will be eating for the rest of your life. These rule help you manage your weight, fight off hunger and reduce your health risk associated with having diabetes.

Rule #1 Fat: Not the bad fats but the good kind, the type that is found in fish, nuts and avocados. Many people speculate that eating fat will reduce your risk when in fact eating the right sort of fat, the good kind will prevent blood sugar spikes and cut risk of disease almost by half. Your body needs fat to survive its all about determining what is good or bad.

Rule #2 Carbs: Carbohydrates make a large pat of our diet and usually what everyone constantly talk about. The key isn’t  low carb but just complex carbs. Complex carbs aren’t to hard to find. They are usually found in whole grain, not wheat their is a difference, fruits vegetable and legumes. Complex carb can sustain blood sugar and reduce your risk of heart disease by 42%.

Rule #3 Protein: Protein, protein, protein. 25% of your overall diet should be protein, eggs dairy,  almonds, things like that. You can lower your risk of heart disease by 30% when eating a high in protein diet. Try to get protein in every meal, this will insure that your reach the minimum amount that your need daily.

I bet you never knew that eating the right kinds of food could make such a big difference in your overall health. Just remember to make  smart choice and eat the complex carbs, good fat and high protein meals.

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Whats In Your Pantry? Here Are Diabetic Friendly Foods

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