Reverse Diabetes In Your Sleep

Losing the unwanted weight is difficult. Your strategy is important in trying to reverse your diabetes. Most people lack a good amount of rest, making it harder for them to achieve a healthier lifestyle. For a person with diabetes losing sleep can increase insulin, which leads to unstable blood sugar and could add on more weight.

Losing the extra weight is relevant to many people struggling with diabetes, more rest equals less food. With more sleep your metabolism increase allowing us to burn more stored fat. So make sleep a priority whether your trying to lose for more of keep your blood sugar spikes under control.


Keep your body on a schedule: Getting up at the same time all week long, this include weekends, will keep your body use to a pattern. A regular schedule will teach your body to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed.


Take in a little bit of exercise, nothing too drastic start walking for 15min after lunch or work. By doing a regular exercise regimen your body will have less trouble with trying to fall asleep and sleeping longer. Ideally you want to make workouts at least 4 to 6 hours before you plan to sleep, that is around the time the body’s hormones sends signals to the brain making us feel tired.

Drinking decaf in the afternoon, 4 to 6 hours before bed rather than caffeine. Stopping the amount of caffeine consumed is the afternoon makes a big differences, reducing your chances of the staying up all night.


Lower your amount of evening tasks. Doing chores, taking business calls, and paperwork can make your chance of getting rest worse and heighten your stress level. Going to bed in a stressful mood will make you more like to stay wide away.

Staying relaxed is important to having a longer and deeper sleep. Make the time to take a warm shower or bath, listen to soothing music and dim the lights. Adjust your eyes to dim lighting in the evening will tell the body its time for bed.


Sleep in darkness, closed blinds and window, silence and a clear mind. Lights and noise can distract you when it comes to sleeping, pulling focus. When it comes to a clear mind, write down the task that may need to get done for the next day, rather than going to through the list in your mind.

Most people take 20 minutes to fall asleep, usually people are going through the thing that needed to be done for the next day. If you are in bed for more the 20 minutes haven’t fallen asleep yet get up read a book, walk around a little until you start to feel tired.

Through out the Night

In your waking up in the middle of the night and have trouble sleep try the same thing with walking around, reading but do not eat. If your eating in the middle of the night its mostly like because your bored. Food will never help you get more sleeping time. Watch how you spend your time awake in the middle of the night.

Remember when you lose sleep your increasing your chances of high blood sugar, stress level and hunger cravings.



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