Maintain Your Sugar Levels Naturally

healthy habits post it

To lower your blood sugar you don’t have maintainhealthy habits post it extreme levels of the diet and exercise. The resolution to your problems with diabetes can be solved with simple, easy to follow lifestyle changes. Rather than staying on a diet,  making a lifestyle change is the only way to really maintain your sugar levels naturally.  Your new life will still have some of your favorite foods, just altered some what.

New Lifestyle Change


Soluble Fiber: Eating enough soluble fiber will help block sugar.  Fibers like beans, apples, and oranges the the start of a meal will absorb some of the sugars and starch that you eat later in the meal.

Wine: An 8oz glass of any alcohol,  can reduce sugar spikes by 25% from a single meal. But keep your alcohol or wine to a limit. Too much can be dangerous to your health, it is only advised for one meal a day.

Vinegar: Another way to  slowly break down starches, is to use vinegar within your meal prep.   When eating a salad this is one the best substitutes.

Protein: By making protein a part of your everyday meal, overtime this can reduce your blood sugar spikes by 44 percent. Protein is a great way to  keep your blood sugar levels from rising.

Snack: If your going to eat a fatty snack make sure they are 30 minutes before meals. Your body reacts to food the contain high fat content and can take longer to more thru your digestive system.

Vegetables: Eating a larger portion of vegetables each day will help your digestive system process food a slower rate making you fill more full.

Dessert: Only eat a sweet after meal, never between or as snack. If you have to give in to  that sweet tooth, it is advised to do it after meal so your more soluble food can then absorb some of the sugars and fatty acids.  There are many cookbooks that contain diabetic friendly desserts.  Pick one up!

You can control your sugar levels by making smart choices.  Small changes to the way you eat can help you reduce your dependency on insulin and still allow you to eat a lot of the foods you love.

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