Tips In Buying Glucose Meter

A diabetic must be knowledgeable about the equipment and paraphernalia he or she needs in monitoring blood glucose or blood sugar levels. One very important device used to measure a diabetic’s blood sugar level is the Glucose Meter.

If you try to search the market, you’ll find a long list of different brands and types of glucose meter. Trying to decide which one to use can be confusing. How do you know which glucose meter is best? What are the factors that you must consider before buying your glucose meter?

Tips in Buying Glucose Meter

Ask your doctor. Doctors have different preferences when it comes to the types of glucose meters. It would be better to ask your doctor which particular type or brand he recommends. Some doctors may prefer a glucose meter that automatically records blood glucose readings in its memory. These files can easily be downloaded in the computer. This way, your doctor can simply download the results to his computer to monitor the progress or changes in your blood sugar levels. Since you’ll be closely working with your doctor, it’s best to use a glucose meter that your doctor prefers.

Be brand conscious. You should know that different manufacturers create their own testing strips that specifically matches their own glucose meter. Thus, before purchasing this device, If you’re concerned about the cost associated with purchasing a new meter, the good news is that most manufacturers are practically giving them away for free.

However, there is a catch to that free offer. If you are using their particular machine then you are forced into purchasing their testing strips because each manufacturer creates a different strip to match a specific blood glucose meter. But this is simply the cost of being able to effectively monitor your blood glucose.

Whether or not you have to buy testing strips and/or new glucose monitoring machines every year should not really be a concern. As we stated above, it is just the cost of handling your diabetes. But there are other factors that you may want to consider when purchasing your blood glucose meter.

Consider also the amount of memory that a blood glucose meter has. Whenever a test is done, the meter should be recording the exact time and date of the tests. In addition to this information, the glucose results will also be recorded. The suggested memory ability and a blood glucose meter should be able to record a minimum of 100 glucose tests. However, this is just a suggestion and there is no hard rule on the amount of memory a machine needs.

Last but not least, the meter that you decide to purchase should have the ability to have the test results and other information downloadable into a computer program or another similar management system. As mentioned previously, it is best to have a meter that is 100% compatible with your doctor’s computer systems.

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