Changing Your Way Of Eating For The Diabetic

These are some perfect examples of some diet swaps your can make to cut out the calories. It may one of the easiest way to lose weight weight without having to exercise.


With only 75 calories and 3 gram of a fat you can save yourself the and 105 calories and 4g of fat with chicken and veggies soup. Cream of the broccoli contain 180 calories and 7 grams of fat in one bowl.


With bagels and muffins your eating everywhere from 350 to 400 calories. With two slices of whole-wheat toast your eating a collective amount of 164 calories. With the individual small pack cream cheese (35 calories) you are still able to cut out over 151 calories or more.


Light wine will not only help you relax but decrease your intake by 60 calories. A lighter  glass of wine like white wine spritzer is less than 100 calories (5 ounce). For the average social drinking cutting out beers, hard liquor or mixed drink can cut out a pound or two a year.


We all know water is better for you and yet we still don’t drink it. I understand that high sugar drinks like soda and energy drinks are addicting but you have to find to cut down your portions. Soda can contain more than 140 calories and energy drinks more than 100 calories and 27g of sugar. Choosing more water will save you more calories with water contain no calories at all. For a little bit of favor add some lime, cucumber, lemon or mint.



A whole egg contain 75 calories, the average amount that a person eats cut 2 eggs, by taking out at least yolk your cutting 59 calories and 5 grams. That a big differences if you cut that out of your regular intake.


Swapping out your potato chip for popcorn can save you up to 119 calories and 10g of fat. With only 31 calories in one cup of the popcorn their is no comparison with a once bag of the chips at 150 calories and 10 grams of fat. You can eat more and still maintain less of a calorie intake.


Dessert is one of the categories many of the use struggle with. It contains over 500 calories and 16 grams of the fat. When you feel like your having a urge for sugar try eating some natural sweeten fruits like strawberries, raspberries or berries.


Starbucks is a favor for many people even myself suffer from high calorie drinks. If you caffeine is needed to get you through the day I suggest to go plain. I plain house brewed coffee with 2 sugar and some milk will go a long way rather than some flavored special drinks. A tall Carmel Frappuccino blended with non-fat milk contains 340 calories in comparison to a tall house blend coffee with whole milk being only 22 calories.


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