Vitamin D and Exercise – Crucial for diabetics

These a few strategies that will help you with your health. Keep an eye on your diet and exercise for a easier stress free diabetic way of living. 

Ask your Doctor

Several patients have concerns with there body but are not consulting their doctor. The old ways of working through the pain will get you no where and may make it worse. Most people with diabetes do suffer some chronic aliments. Your doctor can help you to overcome the pain you may be feeling. Together you can come up with good strategies to make your day-to-day easier.

Vitamin D

Many people with type 2 diabetes lack in certain vitamins that are crucial to their health. Vitamin D can help your body to control blood sugar level easier over a longer period of the time. For the average person with type 2 diabetes, you should be aiming for at least 1,000 iu of vitamin D a day with supplements(vitamin D3). Supplements is one of the safest route to go with trying to fulfill a high vitamin intake. Trying using a D3 Vitamin rather than just vitamin d, it is usually three to four times more potent.


A person with a lower muscle mass have a higher risk for insulin resistance. Low muscle mass is  one of the most profound reason for type 2 diabetes.  Whether your big or small as you age your losing muscle mass leaving you at risk for type 2 diabetes. For a leaner, stronger, healthier body, strength-training three times a week for 20min will be an effective and easy routine to follow.

*With any and every new lifestyle change your bring into your environment make sure to consult with a professional.



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